About NTDA

Do you need a voice in the industry? Or, an industry voice that can help you?

The National Tyre Distributors Association, (NTDA), offers you both.

Founded in 1930, the NTDA is a strongly proactive trade association representing and promoting the interests of its members in the tyre wholesale, distribution, retail and repair sectors of the automotive aftercare market.

Members range from the largest national retail groups with hundreds of depots, to the smallest local family run business and international tyre and equipment manufacturers.

The NTDA protects its members’ interests through its influence with regulatory and standard setting bodies and Government departments that establish industry best practice both in the UK and in Europe. It is consulted whenever new regulations or legislation are being considered and lobbies to ensure that members’ views and concerns are satisfactorily addressed and that the overall regulatory system remains practicable and affordable.

It is a democratically constituted trade association run by a full time directorate in Aylesbury and exists solely for the benefit of its members.

It has a number of strategic aims which guide its direction and activities:

  • To raise the status and profile of the tyre wholesale, distribution, retail and repair sectors among related industry groups and position NTDA and its members as representing the best;
  • To actively promote, develop, support and protect members’ professional and commercial interests and ensure that the NTDA offers quality services that add tangible value;
  • To raise the status and profile of the retail tyre sector among customer groups and champion the importance of responsible tyre safety among all road users;
  • To provide access to political decision makers and regulators in the UK and EU on all matters of relevance to the tyre and fast fit trade and ensure that the NTDA positively influences the legislative, technical, standards and commercial environments in which its members operate.

Although a national organisation, the NTDA also operates on a regional basis. There are eight distinct Regions, each with its own officers, committee, business and social programmes. Member company representatives are encouraged to participate at regional meetings and may seek nomination to other committees or office, including the NTDA’s Executive Council.

Become a member  of the NTDA and make a positive contribution in shaping the future of the tyre wholesale, distribution and retail sectors in the UK by working with us in:

  • Developing and adhering to industry standards and best practice;
  • Promoting both business and technical excellence;
  • Training professionals for the future;
  • Providing reassurance to your customers.

We look forward to welcoming you as a new member very soon.

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