It is estimated that NTDA members produce some 16 million tyres for scrap each year and it is conservatively estimated that over 1.5million find their way back into the part worn tyre trade. It is considered wrong by the NTDA and its members that legitimate dealers should be providing much of the feedstock to a market which competes directly for customers and is taking a growing percentage of tyre sales in the UK. Latest estimates from the Government’s Used Tyre Working Group put the part worn market annually at almost 4million units.

NTDA funded investigations, carried out in partnership with Trading Standards Offices, have shown that hundreds of part worn tyres are being sold illegally, in that they do not comply with part worn regulations, and in many cases are damaged to the extent of being dangerous.

Most collectors see the added value of selling on part worns as an important part of their revenue generation so the NTDA, after much deliberation, decided to launch a unique collection scheme which ensures that tyres collected from members’ premises do not appear at the local part worn dealership competing against a new tyre sale. The scheme, entitled TyreBack, provides an audited assurance that NO tyres collected from premises of members subscribing to the scheme will be sold into the UK part worn tyre market.

The NTDA has powerful partners who have invested heavily in a nationwide logistics network that has the country’s largest fleet of tyre collection vehicles that will collect from any member throughout the UK.

The majority of the tyres collected will be shipped to a multi-million pound tyre granulating plant to be converted into a top quality rubber granulate, which is already being used in a wide range of applications including football and sports surfaces throughout the world, as well as a wealth of other environmentally friendly uses.

If you are interested in joining the scheme and helping to reduce the number of part worn tyres available to the dealers in your area, please contact the NTDA on Tel. 01296 482128 for further details.